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Trusted Friends Pet Funeral Services Ltd

Individual Pet Crematorium

07514 226671

Established 2010

Giving your pet a dignified and respectful passing

Scatter Tubes & Pouches

If you wish to scatter your pet, we have a beautiful range of Scatter Tubes available. Click on the picture below for a closer look at our designs.

Scatter Tubes are a modern alternative to traditional ashes caskets and urns. They offer flexibility and choice in how best to commemorate the life of loved-ones. They are designed for easy use for scattering ashes, burial or to be kept at home, they provide freedom of choice when deciding the best way to preserve, protect and remember your companion.   

Pet Scatter tubes
dog cat scatter tube
pet scatter tube
Pet scatter pouch 1
dog cat scatter tube

Scatter Tubes (dog or cat)

Beautifully designed for keeping, scattering or burying your pets ashes.

Pet Scatter tubes

Bespoke Scatter Tube

A range of designs for storing or scattering your pets ashes