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Trusted Friends Pet Funeral Services Ltd

Individual Pet Crematorium

07514 226671

Established 2010

Pre-Payment Plans

Be prepared and be in control of what happens to your beloved pet on its final journey. If you instruct us to deal with your pets cremation, all you have to do is inform your vet of your wishes and they will repect your decision. Call us either before euthanasia, or after, and we will deal with everything from that point onwards.

We will guarantee to you, that at no time will your pet be transported with clinical or hazardous waste.

Benefits from using our service, include your pet being transported individually and being returned to you within 48hours of collection. At all times, they will be treated with respect and dignity, as if a member of your family because that is what they are. Even though we offer an exclusive service we do not cost any more than if you had your pet cremated through your vets, and we offer payment plans to ease any financial difficulty if required. Even if you do not wish to take out a pre-payment plan, you can register your pet with us for your peace of mind.

If you are interested in taking out a pre-payment plan, we give you a choice of ways in how to pay:

  1. A one off payment
  2. Pay a monthly payment over 12 months
  3. Pay a monthly payment over 18 months

Any excess funds in your account will be reimbursed to you at time of cremation. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account we will ask for payment of the balance at the time of cremation.

Call or email us so that we can advise you of an appropriate amount for your pet.

To download our pre-payment plan application form please click here and return to: Trusted Friends, 2 Glebe Close, Loughton, Milton Keynes, MK5 8HB or call us to discuss our plans on: 07514 226671